Sunday, November 30, 2008

Affordable Dental Insurance: Does it Exist?

When it comes to physical health, most people have insurance that covers their visits to the doctor and treatments that they need.

MA "universal" insurance: more consequences

Since its inception, the flaws in the system that has been incorrectly called the Massachusetts "universal" health care have been clear to me.

The Insurance Industry Forecasts Unprecedented Growth

Recently, the Northeast and Midwest have been blasted with severe snowstorms, a cold reminder that natural disasters have been making major headlines over the past several years.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Will Uncle Sam Protect Insurance Buyers?

Two recent news stories--dealing with banking and the airlines--make me wonder more than ever about the wisdom of letting Uncle Sam regulate the insurance industry outright.

21st Century Auto Insurance

21st Century Auto Insurance and other auto insurance companies are giving discounts on insurance policies completed online.

Licensed Insurance Advisor, Home Auto Division - RBC Insurance ...

RBC Financial Group / Royal Bank of Canada (Montréal QC): "...development : junior underwriter ; claim expert ; subscriber; team leader Key Accountabilities: -Act as a resource for customers relative to sales and service of individual ...

Which insurance company for the hound?

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